Ready for freedom & flow?

Stop struggling for balance & start savoring your life.

Declare what 2022 will be for you … introducing The Map to You:

  • Get out of “fix-it” mode
  • Stop pretending & people pleasing
  • Embrace the ease of being YOU

What if you ruthlessly & relentlessly put yourself first?

NEWS FLASH:  The answer is already written on your soul.  You have the map but you need a new navigation system.

And you may wonder…what is your way forward?

If you want to savor your life and embrace resilience, you can’t leave yourself out of the equation.   Self attention is not selfish.  

What if you decide to declare what 2022 will be for you?

The Map to You helps you create that.  

Come home to yourself,
Come home to your heart.

Survival Mode is Not Sustainable.

We are in the throes of a long winter and an even longer pandemic. 

How are you coping?

We all had to reinvent our strategies, and maybe they worked for a while, but now they’ve gone to sh!t.   

If you don’t have it all worked out, you’re not alone!

Here’s what we are hearing from our clients:

I liked my slowed down life

I want meaning without the rat race pace

I am willing to do the work, but I’m done with the struggle

Beginning February 2022

Forge your way forward with
The Map to You

The way forward is The Map to You…

…with all of the savor and none of the sh!t

Use the tools of the Enneagram and the Soul Map to find your unique path back to you.

Make 2022 the year you come home your yourself and your heart.

Create what 2022 will be for you

Freedom to show up as the Real YOU
Attunement with what is right about you
Tangible and customized strategies to write YOUR map
A shifted mindset about what it means to take care of yourself
Ways to be a badass with boundaries
An intimate and engaged community of women alongside you

The Map to You
Program description

What is it about slowing down? 

We know so many people who were forced into slow down during the pandemic, particularly women who chose to leave work to become impromptu teachers to their own children. 

Some had to close businesses or were laid off during the lockdown and experienced stress around it…but also described the luxury of reading, nurturing their garden, exercising online. 

Facebook was replete with photos of spectacular puzzles, culinary creations, fantastical art projects.   

Where is YOUR meaning without the rat race pace?

It is ingrained in us to be Human Doings – this course is about returning to to the beauty of living as a Human Being.   

The Map To You is about returning home to yourself – to your heart, your intrinsic value, your soul.  

Heather coined the question: What if you ruthlessly and relentlessly put yourself first? 

The Map To You will give you the tools to find your answer and do just that.

We believe in the mantra: Self Attention is not Selfish

If you want to go fast, go alone;
if you want to go far, go together.
-Burkina Faso proverb

The Map to You Begins February 2022

The Map to You includes six live Zoom sessions in this community we are creating together.  Here are the details: 
BONUS! Live 90-minute foundation session with Heather (recorded):  2/18 at 10:30am PST / 11:30 MST / 12:30pm CST / 1:30 EST
BONUS! Live 120-minute foundation session with Margot (recorded):  2/19 at 8:00am PST / 9:00 MST / 10:00 CST / 11:00 EST
3 Live 90-minute sessions (recorded):  2/21, 3/21, 4/18 at 5:30 PST / 6:30 MST / 7:30 CST / 8:30 EST
3 Live 60-minute practice & integration sessions (partially recorded):  3/11, 4/8, 5/6 at 10:30 PST / 11:30 MST / 12:30 CST / 1:30 EST
Private Facebook group for community communication, sharing, and celebrations

The Map to You Content

Foundation — Your Maps

Learn your Soul Map and Enneagram type. Discover a deeper layer of who you are, and how you are designed to be in the world.

Month 1 — Divine Spark

You are whole, worthy, and wise and that is where we start – with your inherent gifts and value.  You’ve spent enough time trying to fix yourself.  We focus on what is right about you and move forward from there.

Month 2 — Tame Triggers

When you know yourself and what makes you tick, the stuff that gets under your skin makes more sense.  We help you catch yourself in the act, guide you back to yourself, notice what you sense in your body, Taking personal ownership is courageous and we do it together.

Month 3 — Heart Integration

The ultimate act of love is to put yourself ruthlessly and relentlessly first.  The Map to You only works when YOU are the focus.  This works when you trust the process of returning to your heart and soul for guidance.


The Map to You incorporates two wisdom traditions: The Enneagram and The Soul Map.   If you don’t know what the heck either of those are, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.  

  • On February 19, 2022 (from 9:00 to 11:00 MST), Margot will give a live overview of the Nine Enneagram types and all participants are encouraged to attend, especially if you are not familiar with this system.  You will discover your own Enneagram type during the session.
  • On February 18, 2022 (from 12:30-2:00 CST) Heather will give a live overview of the Soul Map.  You will receive your own unique and customized Soul Map before the class (for those who complete the requested information). This will be an overview session with time for you to get your initial questions answered about how you are wired at a soul level.  

For best results, please attend live. We understand that life happens, so the sessions will be recorded. 

Learn About
the Enneagram
Learn About
the Soul Map

Want to Hear from HEather & Margot First Hand?

Listen here to Margot & Heather’s conversation about slowing down, savoring life, and making precious time for yourself on Heather’s podcast Unshakable Being.

Listen now at Unshakable Being.

WAIT — there’s MORE!

We understand that doing this work in community is powerful and transformational.  But sometimes, old issues and beliefs rise up and you may find you need some extra support or you want some individual attention. 

For the duration of The Map to You and through July 2022, Heather and Margot are available for private sessions for a discounted rate.  You’ll have access to our calendars once the program starts.  

Guided by

Margot Burns

Learning the Enneagram in 2006 was so transformative in helping me align with my core values, I became a certified trainer. It enhanced every aspect of being a two-time entrepreneur and the work I’ve done over my 30 year career as a rehabilitation counselor, expert witness, and professional coach.

In 2020, I added Gray Area Drinking coaching to my practice and it’s been a game changer. My passion is creating a safe space for women who are ready to embody their inner wisdom, change long-standing patterns, and live with aligned integrity every day.

Dr. Heather Clark, PharmD

Dr. Heather Clark, PharmD is a powerful and soulful energy guide, coach, & speaker. She’s been connecting people with their purpose and vitality through her work as  a Stress & Burnout Expert for over a decade, and is committed to leading individuals to their Unshakable Being so that they have peace & success.

After her own recovery from severe stress and burnout, she awakened to her purpose when she realized that the root cause of burnout isn’t ‘just’ stress–it is the fundamental stress of being someone you aren’t. She leads clients from around the world on their journey from stress to bliss.

This sounds AMAZING…
will I need to take out a loan to participate?

Heather and Margot really put their heads together on this.

We are going to come right out and say it –  the value of what we are offering far exceeds what we are willing to charge. 

We know that the desire for personal growth is not always accompanied by a bottomless bank account.  AND, we know from professional experience that the willingness to invest in yourself is imperative. 

Your investment includes:

  • 12 hours of personalized, live sessions with Heather and Margot
  • Your customized Soul Map ($250 value)
  • Your customized Enneagram type ($250 value)
  • Community of like-minded, engaged women
  • Realistic strategies, practical resources, and tangible results
  • The Map to YOU – a roadmap for sustainable, balanced, attuned living

Full value: over $3000
Your special 2022 price: $997

With all that in our hearts, we are offering these choices:

Investment Choices

One Time Payment


Split Pay

$333 / mo x 3

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